PCEP Water Wars: where seniors shoot each other with water guns!

Mitchel Clark and Sal Orlandi

If you are going to PCEP for high school there is something you need to know about, Water Wars! Water Wars is an event that involves PCEP seniors. It is a giant war between seniors and it lasts a few weeks. It always happens at the end of the school year, and it’s actually happening right now. Once the war starts, any time is fair game.

There is a bracket for the wars, each section of the bracket has points and lasts a week. Points are the number of people you have left on your team, you want the lower points. At the start it is five-five. Let’s say one team attacks the other, they shoot one, but two of them get shot. It is now 4-3.

Water Wars is an optional event. Not all seniors have to participate, in fact, a lot don’t. This war makes seniors paranoid constantly because the Water Wars takes place 24-7. Kids will hide in people’s garbage cans to “hit” the other team. It is common to spray people as they go to their car early in the morning. Seniors participating in the war always have a water gun on them.

The war can take any amount of time but normally ends before school does. Currently, we are about halfway through the current one. It started in early April and was competitive from the start, the first elimination was only ten hours into the war and it was a constant stream after that.

Seniors are not allowed to shoot your water gun during school or in the premise of a sports arena for high school. Mrs. Clark, Plymouth resident who had two seniors participate in the wars, Jess and Zac Clark, stated, “I have seen some crazy things like, hiding in bushes out front or, uh, even heard stories of people in trash cans.”

If you shoot an innocent including a sibling your whole team gets eliminated. And winning is important because there is a reward. There is a cash prize of somewhere around 150 dollars for each team member to spend on whatever they want. Conveniently enough, there is a senior party at the end of the year where there is a raffle and seniors can buy things for college life.

Water Wars is a fun thing. The title “war” doesn’t exactly describe it. It should be titled “fun water tournament” because the mood of it is more like a game.