West Students: Stop Trashing the School!


A wall covered in gum by the West cafeteria.

Finn St. John and Garrett Wilcox

West, a good school but has some hygiene problems. The C wing boys’ bathroom is one of the dirtiest places in the school. It has a bad smell and is in bad shape. The C-wing boys’ bathroom has a broken sink and is foul smelling. The B-wing boy’s bathroom isn’t any better, as well as a handicap bathroom without a door. Not to mention

Mitchell Clark, seventh graders, described the bathrooms as “Unsanitary.” Mitchell said,” Always has a bad smell, looks weird and there’s stuff all over the ground.”

Outside of the bathrooms, there’s gum all over the building. It can be found under tables, on walls, even on the floor sometimes! Mitchell Clark, a 7th grader, said, ”I probably touched gum under a desk and on the walls but, never on the floor.”

We also interview Mr. Jonathon Scott, the head of maintenance at West. We were curious if the cleaning staff has tried to clean up the gum. Mr. Jonathon said, “Yeah, Mr. Smiley brought that to my attention about three months ago, the problem is the gum has molded to the brick so good that even if you scrape the surface there’s still gum in the brick.” He also discussed the bathrooms.” A lot of students go into the bathroom with other intentions then to use the bathroom.”. Finally, we asked what he thought the bathrooms average state was, he answered, ”Fairly clean but they could be cleaned a little better.”

Students: Stop sticking gum under a table, spit it out in the trash, wipe the seat and flush in the bathroom. West is a good school but could be better if students took care of it!