Online Shopping is very popular during COVID-19


Avery Fox

Online shopping is on the rise during quarantine.

Avery Fox and Gabriella Lopez

During the COVID-19 quarantine, online shopping has been very popular, people have been buying things online that they would normally purchase in stores. This is helping stores that you can’t shop at right now still make money during this time. 

We interviewed some of our friends and asked them what they thought about online shopping. “I have been online shopping, it is very helpful and easy to do. It’s very helpful because stores just ship it right to your house,” says Katie Sarkesian, a 7th grader from West Middle School.

 7th grader Laney Seidel from Liberty Middle School shared, “I like online shopping during this time because it’s helpful that it is shipped to your house and it gives you something to do when you are bored.” 

6th grader Margo Datson from Pioneer Middle School states,“I have been doing a lot of online shopping, it’s a great thing during this time because we can’t go into certain stores so it’s good we can get them online.” 

We think online shopping is so helpful, especially for people who have a higher risk of getting the virus. Some very popular online stores right now are,,,,,, and much more. Do you like online shopping?