Two West Middle School Students Interview 3 Brave Souls On The Upcoming Spooky Day, Otherwise Known As Halloween.



Halloween is different this year, be prepared!

Avarielle Spuller and Allison Ritchey

Halloween is quickly approaching and many West families are torn on how to safely celebrate the holiday during the pandemic.  

Halloween Tips for staying safe to wear a mask, stay home if you are sick, maintain a social distance of at least six feet, wash your hands often, and use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. 

Mayor Jeffrey Wosje of the City of Plymouth, comments on trick-or-treating, “I think very few parents will feel comfortable bringing their kids out for trick or treating. Just one more thing the pandemic is likely to impact.” Mayor Wosje believes that people should make their own decision about safety when it comes to trick-or-treating, he explained to use “My expectation is that you won’t see many kids out there and not sure I’m going to even bother buying candy at this point.”

Mrs.Bazzi, an LME teacher here at West, who has 3 kids of her own, said, “Don’t think there will be very many, I think people are going to be very careful and they want to be safe. It’s one thing when you are with family or with friends that you see all the time. I just feel like when you come in contact with strangers, people tend to get nervous, so I don’t think there will be a lot of people out.” Mrs. Bazzi explained that because people wouldn’t stay home, which is their right, we are in this situation, “… but I just feel like because is centered around friends and family people want to let their guard down just a little bit and because of that it makes it really hard to say no sometimes, it’s really complicated and I don’t think it’s good I would be very surprised if things don’t happen after Halloween like the spread of the virus and stuff like that.”

Mrs.Horvath, an ELA teacher at West Middle School, and has lots of nieces and nephews so she can have a lot of things to do on Halloween, “Yes, I have 9 nieces and nephews that still want to go…I don’t think there will be many people going out. I normally get around over 50 trick or treaters this year. I’m thinking around 30 to maybe 20 will come out.”