Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin the 20-21 Baseball Season


Alex Wassel

Baseball teams needs to wear masks to keep their seasons going.

Alex Wassel, Reporter

The Michigan Marlins had their first indoor baseball practice on November 8th, 2020 in masks, At the indoor baseball facility, The Lab. As the weather gets colder, outdoor sports start to move inside. As this is happening, we need to be more and more careful about not spreading the Coronavirus. 

Jake Witt, Marlin’s baseball player and West Middle School student, in regards to wearing a mask replies, “They force us to wear masks and encourage us to wear them over our nose.” Coaches should enforce their players to wear masks over their nose and mouth to make sure that no one is spreading any more germs than need to be spread. Jake also comments, “They try to keep us distant.” (talking about the coaching staff.)

Alex Lemon, West student and Marlins player, remarks, “I do feel a bit safer. I do also feel that a lot of people do not wear them properly or not at all. But yes, with a mask on, I feel a bit safer.” Athletes can all agree that safety is a priority and players must be extremely cautious and wear masks all the time and properly. Not doing this could contribute to the spread of COVID-19.