Michigan Fans Want Harbaugh Fired


The “Big House” in Ann Arbor.

Drew Deledda and Tyler Regner

Jim Harbaugh has been struggling as the UofM head coach recently. And we think it is time for a change. Michigan has already had a rough start to the season starting 1-3. This 2020 season has taken an unexpected turn for the worst. Many UofM fans believe Jim Harbaugh is the one to blame. The biggest struggle in his career is winning rivalry games and big games. Harbough’s all-time record against top twenty-five opponents is 9-13. Harbough’s all-time record against top rival Michigan State is 3-3 and his team has been 0-5 against Ohio State.

Drew Young, a Discovery 7th grader and Michigan fan, stated, “After the end of this season I think Jim will get fired because when we play ranked teams our record is 9-13.”

Mr. Smiley, West Middle School Principal and Michigan fan, said, “I think he will get fired at the end of the season.”  

But, who would replace Jim Harbaugh? If he was fired right now, then the new head coach would either be the offensive coordinator John Gattis or the defensive coordinator Don Brown.  If he got fired during the offseason, then it could be anybody.