Elementary students returned back to in-person learning on Oct. 12


Isabella Orlandi

Isbister Elementary School after first cohort in the morning.

Isabella Orlandi, Reporter

On October 12, 2020, PCCS elementary students started to return back to in-person learning! Education is important and with covid-19 going around, elementary schools are looking, sounding, and teaching differently than ever before.

When students started to return back to in-person learning, it became much harder for kids to adjust. Many people also thought that schools wouldn’t be returning back to in-person learning at this time. Stella Sweet, a 5th grader at Isbister Elementary school stated, “ I did really want to go back to school. I did not think I was going back at this time, I thought I was going back in like December.” The schedule has also changed. “My brother Jonah, and I go in the morning. We go every day except Wednesday. Wednesday is a day on zoom,” Stella explained.

Mrs. Bazzi, a middle school LME teacher and parent of a PCCS elementary student, stated, “For families in general, like scheduling and stuff it’s definitely a lot of work, like trying to get her to school because both my husband and I both work outside of the home.” Mrs. Bazzi thinks that the half days are going really well for her daughter,  “As long as everybody is doing their part, like washing their hands, keeping masks on, I think it helps to reduce the risk.” 

With coronavirus spreading, cleaning is a must! Stella had stated, “When we are not at school on Wednesday, the teachers go home and teach, the janitors are giving the whole school a deep clean.”

As students, teachers, and staff return back to in-person learning, we need to make sure that we all do our part by making sure that we follow the guidelines and rules so that we can hopefully get back to a normal school year soon!