Dealing with COVID-19 in School


There is a worldwide pandemic going on right now and there is no sign of it stopping anytime soon. Most people are wondering when schools are planning on sending students back to in-person learning. As of now, there is not an exact date of when students will return to school in person but hopefully, there will be one in the near future.

Students will hopefully begin to go back to school in the month of January there was a zoom meeting on 1/12/2021 where the board will make a final decision of when students will return to in-person learning. Most teachers will hopefully be getting the COVID-19 vaccine before returning to in-person classes or they will get the vaccine shortly after the in-person learning starts. The Wayne County Health Dept. estimates that most schools will remain remote until the 15th and Oakland county schools hope to remain closed until January 11th. The governor of Michigan, Governor Whitmore urged all schools to offer in-person learning by March 1st so it is safe to say students will return to school within the new month. PCCS hopes to start school within the duration of the Q3 of the school year.

Another large concern to many people will be the safety of the students when they return to school. The school is planning on having a block schedule for students so there is less contact between people while in school. On the days that students are online, the schools are deep clean to make sure everything is sanitized and safe for students by the time they return to in-person learning. They are also planning on making different bus schedules where it will be where whatever students live on one side of Plymouth will ride the same bus as the students that live on the same side of the city as they do. Compared to last year’s secluded the bus schedule was on a last name basis so they would pick up students from all over the city.