What The New Coronavirus Vaccine Is Like


Take from CDC.gov

Its an image of a Coronavirus cell

Over the past few months, the United States has been producing the Coronavirus vaccine. The purpose of this vaccine is to keep fewer people from getting the virus.

A lot of people have their own opinion and thoughts on the new vaccine. Mrs. Nischik, West Middle School ELA substitute teacher states, “At first I was skeptical of the vaccine because I was afraid that it was getting rushed for political reasons. But now that I see that the companies wouldn’t rush it unsafely, I feel that the steps that were taken and the tests that were done were sufficient and I feel safe about it.” Based on the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) around 12,279,180 people have received the first dose of the vaccine and the total doses distributed so far is around 31,161,075. There have also been some concerns on how well the vaccine would work and it is safe to use. Mrs. Nischik declared, “I think that the vaccine will work well if we are able to get it to people. Right now our biggest problem is finding a way to get it to people quicker.” The CDC also states that based on the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) granted a EUA (Emergency Use Authorization) said that both of the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and they work. Mrs. Nischik said, “In the past, they have had problems with vaccines so I get nervous about something that is new.” 

Some people that have received the first dose of the vaccine have gotten an allergic reaction. Mrs. Nischik answered, “I have heard of a couple of people having anaphylactic reactions, but usually those people have a history of anaphylactic reactions.” The CDC recommends giving the vaccine to healthcare personals and long-term care residents first, then go on to frontline workers and people that are 75 years and older, finally people who are aged 65 through 74 and people that are aged 16 through 64 with medical conditions. Mrs. Nischik states, “I’m most hopeful that we can get back to a resemblance of normal, all the things that we took for granted before, face to face classes, sports, meeting our friends and family, just normalcy.”

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