Is homework beneficial or just a waste of time?


Ashlyn Kuhn

After online school, most students have not had as of good grades as they would have over a regular school year. Is more homework really helping those students?

There have been many arguments about homework and if it is really helping students be successful and teaching them anything at all. I sent out a survey to the students of West Middle School and out of the 192 responses. 89.1% of people said homework is a stressful thing and not something they want to do after school. In the survey, I asked if there was anything that could make homework more do-able and a response that stood out to me was “No, I think that because we already spend 6+ hours in school and we should not have to take that home with us as well.” I interviewed Kate Barczyk, a 7th-grade student here at West and asked her if she learns anything from homework or if it is just a waste of time. She said, “I think homework is just a waste of time. I could be doing more important things.” I also talk to some of my friends from school about this topic and most of them say homework is useless and does not learn anything from it.

Someday I hope we can lower the amount of homework students have to do every day and the amount of stress that comes with it.