Many West students are unhappy that Wednesdays are now Face-to-Face!


Olivia Arico

Wednesday are now in person at West.

Olivia Arico, Reporter

Most West students are upset with the removal of virtual Wednesdays. April 7th, 2021 was the first day that Plymouth-Canton middle school students went to school in person on Wednesdays. The middle school schedule has changed from being in person four days a week to now being in person five days a week.

A survey of 156 West students shows that 27% like in-person Wednesdays and 73% prefer virtual Wednesdays. Most students liked the virtual Wednesday because it helped them focus,  because they didn’t have to wake up as early, or the past schedule was way less confusing. Some students also have said how the classes are too long. However, West students who prefer in-person learning like that there is more human interaction with the new schedule. 

Mr. Smiley, West principal, explained that the purpose of the schedule change was “to get back to as normal as possible.” Mr. Smiley also added, “I liked having virtual Wednesdays because it gave students and staff a break.” 

There were also some concerns if having fact-to-face learning on Wednesday interfered with West’s deep clean. Mr. Smiley is communicating with the cleaning staff about the new schedule to make sure the school is getting cleaned.