West Students Struggle with Lockers


Kathryn Stran

West Middle School C-Wing hallways. West students are struggling with opening their lockers.

Kathryn Stran

West Middle School students are struggling with their lockers. This is typically just a sixth-grader problem, but grades 6-8 are having trouble opening lockers. 

Last school year, lockers were banned due to COVID-19 restrictions. Students carried their backpacks and belongings all around the building to their classes. Most students liked using backpacks and thought it was easier. 

West 7th grader who likes using her locker states, “We don’t have to carry our heavy backpacks around,” Using lockers seems to help students as they have more stuff to carry around this year. 

However, not all students are happy about lockers. Lockers are getting jammed, people are having trouble opening them. Some students are leaving their lockers unlocked, which is dangerous because other students can break in and take their belongings.  

Teachers have noticed students struggling this year. “Ever 8th graders are forgetting how to open their lockers,” says Mrs. Horvath, West ELA teacher.