West Staff Notices 8th Graders are Struggling with Tardies

West Staff Notices 8th Graders are Struggling with Tardies

Adam Jaber and Zayd Ghadieh

Mrs. Kulczycki, WMS Vice Principal, stated, “8th graders are being late to class because they are talking to their friends and taking too long to get things from their locker.”

Mrs. Kulczycki also stated other middle schools in PCCS, like Discovery Middle School,  only have a three-minutes of passing time. In comparison, West students have a lot of time to get to class and tend to spend a little of that time talking to friends.

Another reason that students are late is because of lockers. Mrs. Kulczycki said, “Kids are late to class because of locker problems and this is because this is their first year using lockers again.” Lockers are getting jammed, some students are forgetting their locker combination, and some of their stuff is falling out of their locker.

It’s ok to talk to your friends sometimes for a minute or so, but students are constantly in the halls being reminded by teachers to be on time.  Students should take tardies more seriously, even though it’s only the 5th week of school.

Teachers are taking tardies more seriously. Teachers can take a green card away, so think twice about talking to your friends in the hall.