Long Lines for School Lunch


Tabby Kerr, Reporter

A lot of West students buy lunch every day. Why?

West has a line of about 35-60 students each day just to buy lunch. Sometimes West even runs out of the main food that they are selling that day.

“The students get confused why were sometimes out of sauces like barbeque and syrup. The reason we’re out of condiments is that stock is low in Van Eerden,” says Mrs. Becky, the cafeteria worker (Van Eerden is the place where West Middle School buys lunches). 

Currently, the lunch at West Middle School is free because of Covid-19 and some people may not be able to afford lunches. “The school doesn’t know if the lunches are going to be free next year or not. We will most likely hear towards the end of the year or in the summer,” Mrs. Becky, the cafeteria worker said.

 Most students think that the food is overall pretty good. Some students that don’t get to the line quickly have only have 10 minutes to eat because they are spending 10 minutes in the line. Once the main course was so popular the last person to get their food only have 2 minutes to eat. Luckily, those students were allowed to eat during recess so they didn’t have to rush.

If you’re waiting in line just be patient because the cafeteria workers are working their hardest.