Thanksgiving Break


Tabby Kerr and Sammie VanTol

Thanksgiving Break is coming and it’s coming fast. This is what some students will be doing/spending their time doing over the break. 

People have multiple traditions such as going to see a tree lighting which 7th grader Kathryn Stran does with her family every year! Turkey is a popular food during this time of year. However, lots of people are starting to make more unique things such as deviled eggs and sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top then you bake it!

Many people go to Christmas parades too. A common activity though is the Turkey Trot in different locations. Black Friday is also during the break where lots of people shop because there are great deals!

Some people will spend their time making gingerbread houses and cooking food! Other people use this break as a time to just relax and sleep in! What will you do?

We hope you have a wonderful break filled with joy and laughter.