West’s 2022 Talent Show will be held in-person (as of right now)



Talent Show 2016

Haddie Allen and Josie Runyan

West Middle School hosts a talent show every year and has been for over a decade. This year it’s planned to be in person unless the number of covid cases increases. It’ll be held sometime around the end of February to the beginning of March 2022. Sign-up sheets will be passed around during lunch in the first week of February.

The talent show is being planned by Mrs. Hedge and Mrs. Grady, the resource teacher and the choir teacher. It is not a competition, there’s no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. There are, however,  auditions and try-outs the Wednesday before winter break to get in. Usually, around 30 students try out, and around 25 get in. They are also asking 8th graders to try out to host the show if they would like. The show is also usually around an hour and a half long.

Mrs. Hedge believes the talent show helps present our student’s unique talents and can inspire others to be creative and branch out. It can also help students increase their confidence in presenting. The most common talents shown are usually singing, dancing, and instruments, although they have had more unique ones such as unicycling, juggling, comedians, and magicians. Mrs. Hedge encourages students to sign up and join, she would love for everyone who would like to participate to do so.