Bus Drivers and Firefighters Donate to West Families in Need

School Bus arriving to West in the morning.

Caitlin Noe

School Bus arriving to West in the morning.

Eric Early, Reporter

During this past joyous holiday season, you may have been enjoying all the incredibly wonderful presents you got while staying very warm, however, lots of kids did not get that experience. Luckily thanks to a few of our wonderful and hard-working bus drivers, along with the Plymouth Township Firefighters, that number of kids was slightly less.

According to West councilor, Mrs. Swift, “The week before break, they (the bus drivers,) donated gift cards to Meijer and Target.” She also stated, “Mrs. Kulczycki, Mrs. Rieboldt, and I came up with 6 West families that needed help for Christmas.”

Mrs. Swift stated that “The total money donated was about 750 dollars.” She also stated, “They (the bus drivers,) have done it the last two years, and it is not something they are asked to do, but they do it out of the kindness of their heart because they love West.”

The 12/17/21 WMS e-Bulletin states, “The Plymouth Township Firefighters who recently provided coats, hats, and gloves for several West students who were in need of warm winter wear.”

The e-Bulletin also states, “We were blown away by their generosity and kindness.  We are so very fortunate to have this team of bus drivers who values every student, every day,  Thank you.”

The next time you see a bus driver, or a Firefighter, thank them for being so hardworking and making students’ and the communities lives better.