The Prophecy- Chapter 3


Emma Panetta, Author

“Hey sis, Now why’d you get yourself thrown in here?” 

“Ollie, you’re so big… And where is Here.”   

“We are in the lantern. Where they store people who are dangerous. You can grow to about age 20 and then you stop aging. You could be in here forever or until they need us. But it is better than it could be, I’ve made some friends…. AND I met the girl from the story Mother used to tell us. She’s AWESOME!” 

“You still have the enthusiasm of a toddler. Now lead me to the girl.”

“First off, she is not THE girl. Her name is Faven. FAVEN, COME MEET MY SISTER!” A young woman walks in, her age about  20 years old. That would mean she was 20 or younger when she was thrown in. 

“Hi, you must be Evylene. I’m Faven.”  

“How do you know my name?”  

“Everyone knows your name, it is all Ollie will talk about.” 

“FAVEN, I talk about plenty else.”

“Yes, Yes… you talk about Adele and your Mommy, and your Prophecy. And your incredible amazing sister who happens to be one of the stars of the Prophecy. The sister who will marry the handsome Prince Owen.  The GORGEOUS Evylene with the GORGEOUS GRAY EYES. Whom you talk about nearly non-stop, unless you’re talking about my beauty, compassion, sarcasm, ect, ect. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you talk this little, little one.” 

“I’m not that little, I’m nearly as old as you look. Plus I never said you were pretty,” he flushes up like a tomato.

“You sure about that, I mean she sure is pretty.” 

“N0, SHE’S GORGEOUS AND SHE IS MINE!” he clings onto her.
              “Clingy much…” 

“Oh, ummm…”

“Ollie.” He nods and steps back. “Evylene, what is going on outside. We need to know…”

“What do you mean Faven?”

“Ollie had another prophecy. It directly corresponds with the last one, only worse. Sweetie, want to tell her.” He shares a nervous glance with Faven, and now that I think about it, there has got to be a romantic relationship between them. 

He takes a deep breath, “Ok, here it goes. 

The truth is twisted

The wonder not there

History hidden

Will tear us apart

A family dispute

A broken light

Love  will free us

Beware of the cost…”