The Rise Of Covid Cases


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Its an image of a Coronavirus cell

Samantha Van Tol, Reporter

Covid cases are rising rapidly day by day. Everyone including you I’m sure wants Covid to be over so we can go back to normal. However, we can’t go back to normal if Covid cases are going up. There are many ways to prevent the cases from going up though.

One way is that your mask should remain to cover your nose and mouth at all times unless you are outside. Having your mask below your nose may not seem like a big problem, however, it’s one of the main ways Covid is spread. So do everyone a favor and protect yourself and those around you by keeping your mask above your nose.

A second way to stop the spread of Covid is to maintain distance from those around you. When you have your mask off you should remain about 3 to 6 feet away from each other. During lunch, you should be socially distancing and not moving closer to each other. 

Last but not least, if you feel sick at all don’t come to school. Even if you think it’s not a major sickness or covid don’t come to school you’d rather be safe than sorry. Lots of people are coming to school sick and spreading their sickness which is making covid cases double practically. 

If we all follow these rules and do our best to prevent these covid cases from going up, then we can start going back to somewhat normal sooner.