Who Was Betty White?

Who Was Betty White?

Marleigh Hammond and Katelyn Granowicz

Betty White sadly died on December 31st, 2021 at age 99 in Brentwood, California. We would like to dedicate this article to her and learn who Betty White was.

Betty White was a wife to 3 husbands. Allen Ludden(died June 9, 1981) Lane Allen(died  August 5, 1995), and Dick Barker(died December 17, 1964). Betty was also a stepmother to David, Martha, and Sarah, Allen Ludden kids. But, Ms. Betty White was Most known as an American actress and her comedies sitcom shows such as the most popular Golden Girls and the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ms. White was a pretty popular person she won 8 Emmy awards and 27 Oscars. Betty even served as a volunteer for the American Women’s Voluntary Services. Whew! After working for 72 years it pays off!

We asked West Middle School students if they knew who Betty White was and what did you know Betty from. Emerson Messina a 7th-grade WMS student knew the Famous Betty from Golden Girls. Ryan Bolland also a 7th-grade student knew Betty White from Golden Girls. Ryan added an interesting fact that betty was there to watch WW2 happen.

Yesterday, January 17th, was Betty White’s Birthday. To honor her, people have said to donate $5 dollars to your local animal shelter in honor of her love for animals. So, if you are able to donate, here are some places to donate. Michigan Humane, Providing for paws, UnShelter.