Sidewalks should be altered to allow for water drainage!


West middle school

Eva Friend, Reporters

If you walk home during the transition between winter and spring, then you might know how wet the sidewalks get. However, I’ve been thinking about an idea to fix that.

If you walk home like me, then you probably know the pain of walking on the sidewalks connecting to West. After all the water from the previous day freezes overnight, it unfreezes again at the end of the school day. Some ice doesn’t melt completely and turns to slush so if you don’t have boots, you’re gonna get wet. A lot of the ice freezes again while the snow melts on top so it makes everything worse if you slip on ice-covered by water or slush. (I call it an ‘ice sandwich’ or ‘slush sandwich’).

A lot of people don’t wear boots as it’s just an extra thing you need to carry and whenever you walk it’s a little loud. Once you get home from walking in slush puddles and almost slipping, your shoes are most likely very wet. Let’s not forget your socks too, probably cold and damp from your shoes. Now, you probably wouldn’t need to wear boots and have wet shoes if there was a drainage system in the sidewalks. 

Everyone knows about the cracks separating the sidewalks so instead of it being a place where annoying weeds can grow, why not make it useful? Someone could easily make it into a place where water can empty out. It would be under the sidewalks only by a little bit and the water would flow down to a sewer. It’d probably only be a foot deep so it can’t overflow too badly.