I’m A Weirdo-Poem

West Middle Schools Mascot

West Middle Schools Mascot

Aiko Earl, Reporter

I’m a weirdo

They can call be weird.

They can call me bat-eared

But I don’t have a beard!

They say to be feared, sharp-eared, and with a beard.

But no, I’m avant-garde.

Want me to give you a greeting card?

Oh, and maybe a bodyguard?


Yes, call be weird.

Call me bat-eared.

Again I don’t have any beard!

I’m of course avant-garde.

For all the weirdos,bat-eared and feared accept us as who we are.


Let me see Sally Ride, Blue-eyes, and fluoride.

This is me so accept me the weirdo

Thank clue, Thank chew, and Thank you!

                                                          ~To all the people who think they’re weirdos.