Russia is Bombing Ukraine


Aiko Earl, Reporter

Sadly, Ukraine is now a war zone and has been bombed by Russia. However, , that doesn’t stop the Ukrainians from fighting.

 Russia’s bombing of Ukraine has caused a commotion for Ukrainians of course, and us in America. A Russian attack hit a children’s hospital and at least 17, mostly staff, were injured. “The destruction was enormous,” the city council said. 

Russia hit and now takes over Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant early Friday. The shelling that hit the plant, caused a fire and fears of a nuclear disaster. 

Russians have said to reportedly seize Kherson, which is a key port at the Black Sea.

 If the Russians get control over the city, this could allow the Russian military to make a base of operations to move farther into Ukraine. Families have been fleeing and in lockdown.  

Joe Biden said on Friday that it is called for a removal of normal trade relations with Russia, which is to be set in place and will hurt Russia financially. We hope for the best, and that the war will end. 

One family’s daughter sang “Let it go” in a bomb shelter lockdown. Follow the link to the video below.