Places for Spring Break 2022 Edition!


Eva Friend, reporter

Spring Break is coming up, and if you need to plan to go somewhere but don’t know where yet, I have some places!

Southern Utah! One thing that sounds really interesting to me is the Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park. It has red sandstone cliffs and the sand is actually coral pink! The sunsets are beautiful and make the sand even pinker! You can go sand-sledding or ride four-wheelers across the dunes. An insect that can only be found there is the Coral Pink tiger beetle. When the snow melts it creates ponds and can be home to amphibians such as salamanders and toads. There are plenty more things you can do, I just chose one thing. 

Clearwater, Florida! Swimming with manatees! The gentle giants of the ocean. You can get a tour on a boat to see some or you can get on another boat that will take you where some manatees are! If you do want to go swimming with manatees, you might want to know more about them. You should try to not make too much splashing and make slow movements to not spook it. Always avoid touching the manatee. (It’s actually illegal to touch a manatee!) They are very gentle and enjoy human interaction. The water that you could be swimming in is deep enough where you can’t touch the ground. Don’t worry! You’ll be provided with a pool noodle or life vest provided by the tour guide. 

Santa Fe, New Mexico! If you like hiking and seeing wildlife, this last recommendation might be for you! The Santa Fe Canyon Preserve includes some remnants of the city’s historic past. Some wildlife you might want to keep an eye out for are red-wing black birds, a beaver lodge, and some wildflowers. There’s some limestone too, and if you look carefully you might be able to see some fossils. If it’s possible, you could hear Northern leopard frogs and see a hooded warbler! Be prepared to have fun and enjoy your vacations!