Why did we have school on April 15th?

Why did we have school on April 15th?

Eva Friend, Reporter

I’m sure you knew we had school on Good Friday, but do you know why? I interviewed Mr. Smiley and asked him a few questions.

Many school districts in Wayne County decided to not have school on Good Friday but West did. In fact, only three school districts did. Why and how did we decide to have school on Good Friday? 

“The school calendar (including all of the breaks, half days and vacations are negotiated with the teachers.  It was agreed upon and voted on (and passed).” Mr. Smiley said.

Was it required that we had school on Good Friday?

“The state of Michigan requires that schools have at least 1098 hours of instruction over at least 186 school days.  As such, when the calendar is drawn up it has to meet those requirements.  Ther P-CCS calendar that was voted on (and passed) included school on Good Friday.” This also explains more about why our school year ends on June 15th.

If not enough students showed up to school, what would happen?

“According to the state of Michigan, if less than 75% of the student population in all of the schools is in school on a certain day, the day does not count as a day of instruction and would have to be made up.  I did hear today (Monday) that the district had more than 75% of the student population in class on Friday so we should be good.” Even though many students and teachers were out, we were able to have more than 75% student population. At least we won’t need to have a day made up.