The 2022 NFL Draft


Silas and Paxton, Reporter

The NFL Draft picks are in and here are our thoughts on the 2022 NFL draft class. The Draft was held in Las Vegas this year with the first overall pick being  Travon Walker to the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The Detroit Lions selected  Aidan Hutchinson with the second pick in the draft. There are high hopes for this year’s rookie class, while Lion’s hopes are even higher. There were some surprises in the draft; only one QB was selected in the first round.

Many people believe that the New York Jets won the 2022 NFL draft this year for many different reasons. The first is the fact that they got the 4th overall draft pick named Ahmad Gardner, a cornerback out of Cincinnati. Later that night the Jets selected Garret Wilson, a wide receiver from Ohio State.

Luke Conklin, a West 7th-grade student, talks about how in his opinion the best player in the 2022 NFL draft was none other than Detroit Lions pick Aiden Hutchinson. He also stated that his favorite team was the Los Angeles Chargers and that he really liked their pick this year. Luke Conklin “I feel this year’s draft class was one of the best because of all the talent, I just hope the chargers pick was the right one” 

The NFL draft has been around for 86 years and anything can happen like Tom Brady being the 199th pick in the draft. Bo Jackson was selected for the 183rd pick. Let’s just hope the Lion’s pick pans out in the future.