National Flower Month is Here!


Dandelions growing at WMS!

Alexia Reed, Reporter

April showers bring May flowers! May is National Flower Month. I don’t know about you, but I am excited about the weather that’s warm and the flowers that will form!

May got its name from the Roman Goddess Maia. She is the goddess of fertility and supervised the growth of plants. There are many holidays in May, and I would think flowers are a symbol for all of them!

Did you know that each month has birth flowers? May’s birth flowers are the Lily of the Valley and hawthorn. Lily of the valley flowers are also known as May lilies, but they aren’t lilies at all! These flowers are actually a part of the asparagus family, but that doesn’t stop France from celebrating Lily Of The Valley Day on May 1st!

The hawthorn is nicknamed the May Tree. The hawthorn has thorns on its stem, which I guess makes sense, according to the name. The hawthorn is associated with protection, and so giving a hawthorn to someone means you want the best for them.

May is here and flowers are sprouting! I hope everyone has a great National Flower Month!