Free, Online, Unblocked Chromebook Games to Play!


Paige Cooper, Reporter

Have you been bored in class? Have you been looking for new games to play? Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Racetime (
Racetime is a fun online game where you can race other people and win cars. The goal is to finish the racecourse as quickly as you can without bumping into any walls. I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks and I’m actually surprised at how fun it is. There are new tracks to race on each day!


Slope (
Slope is a game where you control a ball that is rolling down a hill using the arrow keys. Each time you jump off one of the small ramps it’s plus a point. It can get boring at times, but it’s a fun game. 


Papa’s Pizzeria (
“Papa’s Pizzeria is a fun game that’s exciting to play. It’s all about making pizzas and serving customers the best you can. Although it’s a little stressful at times, Papa’s pizzeria does its justice as a thrilling game to play in your free time. The goal is to get the best score you can on your pizzas as you serve them to customers. you first take their order as fast as possible, then construct the pizza in the way they desire. After that, you cook the pizza and cut it once it’s done. Then, of course, you serve the customer. As you get farther along in the game, you can increase in ranks and the number of tips you make,” Skylar Fisher, West 7th grader states.


Subway Surfers (/
Ever heard of Subway Surfers? Well, I’m assuming you have, it’s an old-timey game that was very popular at one point and it’s making a comeback! I’ve seen a few kids playing Subway Surfers. In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a game where you play as a kid who is running away from the cops (now that I hear it, it sounds violent) but it’s not. You have to dodge around train cars, traffic cones, etc. 


Draw War (
Draw war is where you can join an online server and watch people draw and guess what they are drawing. You can also get your turn to draw and have other people guess what you’re drawing. There’s a way where you can make a private server and invite your friends to join you. I’ve played this game both ways, and both are fun.

I hope you have enjoyed all of these suggestions, feel free to leave more game links and ideas in the comments!