Early Christmas Decorating


Caitlyn Blasch

Christmas Tree in Downtown Plymouth.

Avery West, Reporter

Many people have different opinions about when the best time to celebrate the holiday we all know and love is, Christmas. 

Now, my opinion is that the whole month of November should be spent celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas. Let’s see what three people in our school think about this! 

Keira Mueller, a 7th grader, exclaimed, “November 1st! Actually, Christmas should be celebrated all year round!” We can tell she is very passionate about this. She has also shared, “I keep two sparkly, silver Christmas trees on my desk all year, so yes I have started decorating!”  

Madelyn Bobby, a 7th grader, stated, “I think that the middle of November is the best time.” She also shared, “I have started decorating I’m finished!”

Jenna Nelson and Maya Langdon both agreed that Halloween is the best time to start celebrating. Maya stated, “Halloween is for sure the best time to start celebrating, we spend the whole month celebrating Halloween, now it’s time for the Christmas season!” 

Christmas is right around the corner, now zip up your coats, put on your hats, and start decorating!!