Gaylord & Brighton are great places to Ski and Snowboard


A snow day in 2015

Declan Quinn, Reporter

The weather is getting colder and snow is starting to fall and one of the things to do in winter is to ski or snowboard. Snowboarding and Skiing are activities millions of people do each year. Many people just don’t know what mountains to go to. Michigan consists of around 40 ski hills.

Boyne mountain located in Boyne Falls is a good 3 and a half hour drive by the hills. The mountain consists of many ranges of hills starting from beginner to expert. They also allow you to stay at the resort located next to the hill.

Otsego is around 3 hours away in Gaylord, MI. Aside from the drive the mountains are gorgeous. The resort itself has a restaurant and hotel rooms you can rent along with a ski rental incase you don’t have any.

Brighton is only a quick half hour drive. The mountain is smaller than the ones far away but some would say it’s worth it especially if it’s only 30 minutes away.