Michigan Ohio state game


Autographed Michigan Football.

Jeffrey Androsian, Writer

Michigan v. Ohio State is one of the biggest rivalries in Michigan history and Saturday, Nov. 26th Michigan played Ohio state university at Safelite Field in Columbus Ohio. The Final Score was Michigan 45 Ohio 23. It was a surprising win for Michigan, Michigan was supposed to lose by a lot of big sources. 

One of Michigan’s running backs, Donovan Edwards had a great game and got over 200 rush yards in one game where in the first half Michigan had a total of 10 Rush yards. It was a great game Edwards got two long touchdowns each one was over 70 yards.

JJ McCarthy Also had a great game and got over 250 passing yards and threw 3 touchdown passes and got 1 run in touchdown his pass game was explosive with yards.

Michigan and Ohio State University could maybe see each other in a bowl game. If Ohio State beat Georgia and Michigan beats TCU University they will face each other again in the Collage Playoffs.