The Pack is on the Hunt.


Max Poole, Jackson Meyers, Sports writers, Friday 5 personel

On Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions suffered a loss from the Buffalo Bills, a sad loss of a losing streak. A tough day for Lions fans.  

But on the bright side out of the NFC North, the lions Have a better chance than the Packers and Bears with a record of 5-7 and 2nd in the division. After the Lions picked up former Wolverine Aiden Hutchinson, the Lions did better on defense with 2 stars Jeff Okuda and Hutchinson.

The Lions started the season almost winning against the Philadelphia Eagles.  After that, they won against the Commanders, then went on a five-game losing streak losing to the Vikings, Seahawks, Patriots, Cowboys, and Dolphins. Going into the Packers game they had close to no hope of winning against the Green bay Packers, Then They pulled a win 15-9. 

After that, they went on a 2 game-winning streak against the Bears and Giants. Then the loss to Buffalo, after that our spirits were dimmed but with a win against the Jags, our spirits brightened.  Now the Lions have a chance at the playoffs in over 30 years Detriot has higher hopes than ever.  Our next game is against the Vikings, and nothing can stop us.

                                                                                GO DETROIT LIONS!