Can Friends Be Considered Family?


Avery West, Reporter

Can friends be considered family? Some people say that you can have close friends, but you can’t consider them family. Others say family is whoever you choose it to be. I agree with the second choice. Family is whoever you choose it to be. They might not be blood, but your best friend could be your sister by heart. 

 Elyse Regner states “I don’t believe friends can be considered a family” 

Sophia Kendall says “Friends can be considered a family” “In fact, I have friends I consider family” 

Alyssa Demeester states “ It depends on how long you have been friends, and how close you are with them.” Alyssa says that she doesn’t consider any of her friends family” 

Mackenzie Nellis says “Only if you are really close with them. I consider my dance friends my family.”

I believe that if you have known someone for a long time, and you are super close with them, you could say that they are your family, but not by blood, by heart.