West Students Need More Rest! Start School Later.

West Students Need More Rest! Start School Later.

Elaina Barber and Kamryn Rocha

Everybody loves sleeping in; That leads us to our question, should school start later for the students of West? Studies show that teenagers’ brains aren’t at full function until 10am. This has been a debatable topic for years, and we do not think it is healthy to wake up so early, especially since we are still growing. We interviewed a few of West’s students to see what they think.

Anna, West student, states that “School should start later because I live in Taylor and I hate waking up at 6am every morning. I think my grade in first hour is worse than my others because I’m tired and can’t focus.”

Tessa, West student, says, “I think that school should start later because kids can be tired and that can affect their education and grades.”

Sophia, West student, claims that school should start later, her reasoning is, “We should start school later because I would be able to sleep in and I don’t have to do homework at night. I could do it in the morning!”

Zeina, West student, has a unique opinion on this topic. “I do not think school should start later. If we started earlier, we would probably get out later. I don’t want to get out later because I feel like 3:09 is the perfect time to get out.”