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DTP: Where Middle School Kids Hangout

Emma Blaies, Reporter

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Downtown Plymouth, where all the fun happens! Downtown is located in Plymouth, Michigan. This is a place to hang out and relax. The main part of Downtown Plymouth’s Kellogg park this is located in the middle of downtown, every Friday in summer, Kellogg park has different bands that perform every year, they call it music in the park. A Ton of people go and have fun at this special event. On a basic day, people love to see the fountain and have their stress leave them.

7th grader Isabella Blake (12 years old), West Middle schooler tells us about what her favorite part of Downtown Plymouth, “My favorite part about downtown Plymouth is Yogurt Palooza because they have many types of yogurt that are delicious. I also like Panera because their food is really good.” Isabella was allowed to start going downtown Plymouth with friends in 5th grade. She explains why she likes ZDTZP, “I like DTP because it’s very nice and I like when they decorate for Christmas and Halloween.

7th grader Ellie Britton (13 years old), West Middle schooler states, “My favorite part of downtown is Starbucks because they have really good drinks.” Elli was allowed to go downtown when she was 12 years old. Ellie goes downtown always with her friends.

Downtown Plymouth is a very cool place to go to, people love coming here to hang out, people love the Fall Festival that takes place here and Art in the Park. Elli lastly states, “Downtown Plymouth is a fun place and it’s a close place and it’s fun to walk around to all the different places.” Stop by next time and check out DTP!


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DTP: Where Middle School Kids Hangout