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Help Stop Climate Change

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Climate change is a huge problem, and we can help stop it here at West Middle School. Climate change is caused by too much carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere. Climate change is happening 24/7, and we need to do something about it NOW! It is also happening all over the world but has especially impacted the Arctic and Antarctica.

We can help stop climate change by biking, instead of driving because your cars put lots of carbon dioxide into the air. We can also use LED light bulbs, instead of the usual light bulbs because LEDs last longer and use up to 80% less energy. You can also recycle and reuse items, instead of throwing them out. Wash your clothes in cold water and hang them out to dry, instead of using hot water and the dryer.

People can also eat less meat, and dairy because farm animals emit another gas, methane, that also traps heat in the atmosphere. You can refill water bottles instead of throwing them out. You should unplug electronics when you aren’t using them, as it saves lots of energy. Wear a warm sweater or your winter coat in your house when it’s cold outside instead of cranking up the heat. It also helps if you don’t overuse the air conditioning during the summer.

So everyone here at West Middle School, help stop climate change!


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Help Stop Climate Change