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Who REALLY is Mrs. Bazzi?

Mrs Bazzi teaching her 3rd hour 7th grade LME class .

Mrs Bazzi teaching her 3rd hour 7th grade LME class .

Isabella Blake

Isabella Blake

Mrs Bazzi teaching her 3rd hour 7th grade LME class .

Isabella Blake, Reporter

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Mrs. Bazzi is a kind, funny, nice, and very thoughtful L.M.E. and P.B.L. teacher, but do you really know her? If you do, you might know that she is not just a teacher, she immigrated from Lebanon to the U.S. when she was just five years old. 

Mrs. Bazzi teaches 6th-grade Project-Based Learning (P.B.L) and 7th and 8th-grade Life Management Education (L.M.E.). She has taught L.M.E. for nine years and P.B.L. for three years. Mrs. Bazzi doesn’t think that she would like to switch the subjects she teaches, but she said that she would like to be a school counselor.

Mrs. Bazzi’s least favorite thing about teaching is waking up early. Mrs. Bazzi became a teacher because she likes being with kids every day. Mrs. Bazzi has been teaching as long as she has been at West Middle School. Mrs. Bazzi stated, “I would maybe like to go down to a community college and teach some basic cooking classes”.  

Mrs. Bazzi thinks that teaching can be hard because she has to adjust to so many personalities and she doesn’t always know if she is reaching everyone. Mrs. Bazzi stated, “I like that I get to know so many people because I see approximately one hundred and fifty kids a day and I think that it is cool to know that many people. I also enjoy talking to pre-teens and I think they have a unique perspective on life (which is more fun than adults).” She loves the age middle schoolers are at.

Mrs. Bazzi was born in Lebanon and lived there for five years. Then, she and her family moved to Windsor, Ontario, Canada. When she was little, she did not play any sports because her parents didn’t know about much so they didn’t push her into doing many activities.  Mrs. Bazzi was a shy girl so she would not have just gone out and joined a team. However, when she was in middle school she played basketball.

Mrs. Bazzi then moved to Michigan because she had some family in Canada but more in the United States. Mrs. Bazzi then went to Northville High School, and then Madonna University for college. Mrs. Bazzi was always a good student and kid in school. Mrs. Bazzi now has a family of her own, she is married and she has one son named Noah who is ten years old and two girls, Juliah who is eight years old and Zoya who is three.

Mrs.Bazzi has two older brothers and the younger older brother which is ten years older than her. Mrs. Bazzi has always had a good relationship with her brothers because they were so far apart in age so they really never had to compete for anything or have too many things in common at the same time. Mrs. Bazzi is a wonderful, kind, funny, sweet, and very inspiring teacher that has taught so many people very useful information.

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Who REALLY is Mrs. Bazzi?