Should Spring Break be Longer?


Andrew Kostrzewa, Reporter

Should Spring Break be longer? Here are Andrew Vantol’s thoughts.

1#Should students have more days off?



#2 How many more days do you think we should have? “I think we should have an extra week because we need to spend time with

our family and friends.”


#3 Do you think Spring Break is too short?  “Yes, because I travel far and I know other kids do.”


#4 Do you think Spring Break is fun? “ Ye,s because I get to spend time with my friends and family”.


#5 What do you do on Spring Break? “I go on vacation with my family.” 


#6 What do you like about having one week off? “He says nothing because he won’t have enough time to spend with family.”

If one student says that he wants at least one more week off then I think others will. This is why I think Spring Break should be longer and I hope others will as well.