Everything You Need to Know About the First 2 W.M.S. Track Meets

Liberty beat West on Tuesday, May 8th by six points. West won their second track meet against Discovery. With a score of 111-99.  

Grace Boal, a W.M.S. 7th-grade track athlete, stated, “I think it’s fun and I like running.” She also likes the coaches and going to the practices. Bradley Gamache said, “I’m excited for the track meet because I get to see all my other friends that go to all the other schools.”

Mr. Majszak, a teacher and track coach at West Middle School, has been coaching for ten years. He knows that students like practicing track and going to the meets. Mr. Majszak thinks we will start winning more meets. He said, “ I do know that we will get a lot better and faster, which will definitely increase our chances.” Mr. Majszak loves coaching and helping students be faster and better at running.  

The next West track meet is Wednesday, May 16th, at 3:45. West will be competing against Pioneer at Liberty Middle School. After that meet, there is only one more meet left. It is on Tuesday, May 29th at 3:45, against East Middle School. We hope to see you there!

West 7th and 8th grade Track Runners 2018