New Record for the 4×100 Relay Race!

Addison Bielecki and Alayna Calma

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Leah Truman, Erin Fagerman, Sydney Osgood, and Mira Vulaj broke the school record for the 4×100 relay race. The girls time was 55:48 while the previous record was from 2014 and it was 55:63. They were up against Discovery and West won.

Before, each race the girls have a prayer circle where they just hope and pray that the race goes well. Sydney, a seventh-grader at West states, “I was nervous, but also excited, but mostly nervous because I’m the first one to start, and if I started really bad then I feel like I would let my team down.” After, the team finished the race they had a feeling that they had broken the record. Mira Vulaj a seventh-grader at WMS says, “When we found out we were screaming, running, and jumping up and down.”

Alayna Calma
Runners Mira, Leah, Erin, and Sydney

The coaches were very proud of these girls. Mr. Durocher one of the track coaches say, “Erin, Leah, Mira, and Sydney are four of the hardest working girls I’ve ever met.” This group will probably continue to run together as a group because they encourage each other every step of the way, and the coaches think they can break the record again this season. Unfortunately, there is no wall in the gym to recognize the girl’s achievements.

Congratulation Leah, Erin, Sydney, and Mira on your awesome work!