Chromebook Return

A picture of a West Chromebook

A picture of a West Chromebook

Luke Betts, Reporter

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Did you know about the Chromebook return happening this coming week? If you don’t, you’re not alone, there are multiple students who were unsure of the return date and some of the details. For starters students must turn in a fully charged Chromebook and all of the accessories which include the power adapter, carry bag and plastic shell.

Here to give you some details on Chromebook return we have Mrs. Frasier the allocated teacher to the library, she told us “8th grade return happens on the 4th of June, for 7th grade it’s the 5th of June and for 6th grade it is the 6th of June.” Most students return their Chromebooks on time. Less than 3% turn them in late, usually from an illness. 

“Chromebooks must be turned in during students scheduled collection date and time. The only exception to that would be if a student has an excused absence or extended illness. All Chromebooks will be locked by the tech department the morning the device was scheduled to be turned in.  Any device that was not turned in at the appropriate time, may be considered stolen property by the technology department.” 

So, if you didn’t know about the Chromebook returns, now you do! For your hour of Social Studies is when you will turn-in your device for the rest of the school year. And remember, you need your Chromebook fully charged with the case, charger, plastic shell, and comfortability strap.