Chromecast are causing all sorts of issues at WMS!

Kyle Dani and Parker Foley

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Students are going onto teachers’ Chromecast during class at WMS. Students are able to access a teacher’s Chromecast with their Chromebooks and the Wifi and some students think it’s a funny joke, even though it’s very disruptive.

Mr. Foley, a seventh-grade social studies teacher, informed us that, “Students are able to access the Chromecasts because they show up on some students connection options.” He also stated he thinks students try to do it as a funny joke or a prank. Mr. Foley has talked to the technology department to put Chromecast on a secure network but they haven’t found any solutions yet.

Last year, this unwanted behavior happened a couple times, and it seems to have just started again a few weeks ago. Mr. Foley told us that a few weeks ago it happened 5 times in a two-day span.

Mr. Foley used Chromecast to project onto his whiteboard during lessons. Mr. Foley was able to figure out what was connecting to him Chromecast because another student informed him who it was.  This disruptive behavior has stopped Mr. Foley from using Chromecast.

Parker and I also interviewed Nailah Spencer, a seventh grader in Mr. Foley’s class. Nailah said that when it happened it caused a big disruption. Everyone started to laugh and no one was doing their work afterward.

Chromecasts are causing all sorts of issues at WMS. The school board needs to make a decision: is Chromecast really worth it? West students also need to make a decision: Is the prank worth getting in the way of your education?