How Many Kids Really Enjoy Recess?


Emerson Lukomski

7th grade 3rd hour gym class playing soccer at West

Abby Knauf and Maya Mitts

Boring pavement, kids talking, and basketballs bouncing. Kids at West think recess is boring because of the lack of activities and equipment.

We asked Ava Gotsis and Jacob Radford, both 6th-grade students, for their opinion about recess at West. Ava enjoys being outdoors with her friends but would like more activities, equipment and more things to do overall. Even though Ava likes recess, she would rather have it shorter or replace it with a fun class. Jacob, on the other hand, prefers being indoors and playing video games but would like to replace recess or have lots of other indoor options.

We asked Caitlin Noe and Parker Foley, both 7th-grade students, for their opinion on recess. Parker said he enjoys outdoor recess and playing football with his friends. Parker likes recess the way it is and does not think it should be changed. Caitlin, on the other hand, prefers indoor recess but would rather have no recess at all. Caitlin thinks that there are not enough activities to make it fun. Caitlin would like recess to be changed to a free period or class.

We asked Addison Bielecki and Damian Broyer, both 8th-grade students, for their opinion on recess. Addison likes outdoor recess and the break to talk with her friends and play tag. Even though Addison likes recess, she would like it if it was replaced with an elective. Damian, on the other hand, likes outdoor recess and would rather it be longer. When Damian has indoor recess he plays on his computer but thinks there are not enough things to do.  

We asked Mrs. Priest and Mr. Majszak about recess. Both teachers monitor recess. Mrs. Priest doesn’t know if all the kids enjoy recess but think it’s important for kids to get outside. Mrs. Priest thinks that replacing recess could be good, but it depends on what the options are. Mrs. Priest also thinks that it’s a good break and it lets kids socialize, but would rather have it with no phones. Mr. Majszak thinks kids enjoy recess, mainly if it’s warm out. He doesn’t think it would be a good idea to replace recess because kids need time for themselves. Mr. Majszak thinks recess is very important because the kids get a break to move and get fresh air.

Each student that we talked to all said the same thing, “Recess needs more activities.”