The Boys 2018 Basketball Tryouts

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The Boys 2018 Basketball Tryouts

Joetaro Hayashi and Eugene Brown

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The Boys Basketball Tryouts for 7th and 8th graders were December 13th and 14th in the gym at WMS. Mr. Wells will return as the coach this season.

Out of the 24 7th graders that tried out, only 8 can make the team. The 8th graders could only have 11 players on the team. There are two boy basketball  “teams” at West, the A team the B team. Each team can have around nine players total.

According to Mr.Wells, “The A team was very successful [last year]. The B team, while having some setbacks, was pretty strong toward the end of their season.”

Mr. Wells discusses what he looks for at tryouts, “When [players] come into the gym, I’m looking for a lot of effort, skill comes after effort in my opinion.” Mr. Wells has to make a lot of tough decisions. He said it can be very difficult to choose between players that shown both tremendous attitude, effort, and skill.

Mr. Wells has the eighth and seventh graders try out separately at first, then there is a call back over the weekend. After the “call back”, he makes his final cuts.

According to the 8th grader Adam Kessen,”I would be really excited if I made the team again. You know the people from last year and you’re going to know them again so it’s going to be more fun than last year.” Kessen also said that players can’t be really sure that they’ll make the team again. You always have to try your best.

The West Boys Basketball team is really fun, competitive, and provides an opportunity to make a lot of friends! Players might have been nervous at the start of the tryouts, but they will eventually get used to their new team. Congratulations to all the players that made the team. For players that didn’t, better luck next time. Remember, this is just one team, you can always play basketball through the Community Education Basketball League.