Study Hall Instead of Primetime!



Caitlin Noe, Reporter

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Every day West student go to “primetime” for a half an hour after their fourth hour. Some students enjoy reading, whereas others do not. We should change Primtime to a study hall so everyone can have less homework and students will have time to relax. 

Study hall is better than primetime for many different reasons. First off, you have to read every single day in primetime, but students already have to read in ELA.  If West had study hall, students could finish all of their homework, boosting learning and improving students’ grades. Then, if students do not have homework, they should read silently.

Primetime is in the middle of the day, which does not always help you relax. This is because you might be thinking about your classes and what homework you have to do.

Study hall has a lot of positives to it. For example, if West put study hall at the end of the day then students will already know what their homework is and have time to work on it. IThis way homework does not interfere with your extracurricular activities. Lastly, doing homework at school is nice because there is a teacher there to help. 

I interviewed three students, Maddie Andrews Abby Knauf, and Maya Mitts on their opinions on primetime. Maddie Andrews states “I would rather have study hall because people can be too busy after school to finish their homework.” Maya and Abby said that they don’t like reading every day in primetime because it gets boring.  

Study hall can only affect people in positive ways. Study hall will make it much easier to get homework done and out of the way.

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