Lan School, is it legal?


Kyle Dani

2018 Chromebook cases.

Garrett Wilcox and Finnian St. John

Lanschool, you may only know it as a strange thing on your Chromebook. You try to close it, but it just pops back up. Lanschool was introduced during the 2017-2018 school year. Lanschool is as computer software that allows teachers and administrators to watch students’ screens. 

Lanschool can force students to read stuff or answer questions prompted by the teacher. Lanschool will create a question that pops up and you must answer it to make it go away. Parker Foley, a 7th grader at West, said: “It’s good for the teachers, but I know some kids don’t like it but I don’t have a problem with it…in Mrs. Kozler class, she uses it [to] ask a question about the lesson.” Parker claims, “It’s good for the teachers to see what students are doing on their Chromebooks, if they’re doing something their not supposed to be.”

Yet some teachers don’t use Lanschool. Mrs. Horvath, seventh grade ELA teacher, said, “I don’t know how to use Lanschool. I would like to use it though.”

Our concern as students is that Lanschool could be considered spyware or a violation of students’ privacy. We contacted the Director of Integrated Technology Systems for Plymouth-Canton, Mark Salzer, and he stated, “While the district does reference both monitoring and monitoring software in the Chromebook User Agreement, LanSchool is not mentioned by name.” Salzer also noted, “There is no expectation of privacy for any use of the Device [Chromebooks]. P-CCS may monitor any use of the Device, but does not guarantee that any use will be monitored.” This means that teachers, principals, and other people in the district are allowed to see what you are doing on your Chromebook.  

Lanschool is not a violation of students’ rights because students’ don’t seem to have privacy rights when using school devices. Be careful about what you are using your Chromebook for.