Behind the scenes: Things teachers are missing.


Lessa Gharaibeh

The 8th grade hallway at West.

Lessa Gharaibeh, Reporter

What is going on behind the school cameras that teacher’s eyes don’t catch? Bullying, name calling, and teasing of all types are thrown around at unsuspecting people. This has been going on for a long time. You might not know this, because some victims are too scared that to talk. “No, I am not answering that.” Ally Hawkins, seventh-grader, protests.

Some are not scared; some want to tell you what happened.  “Well, I don’t really want to refer to her… This one girl would tell me, ‘if you want to still be my friend, you will have to be mean to this second girl’, but I didn’t want to do that…”. Seventh-grader Victoria Tan, reveals.

Some people think that hall monitors, new rules, or maybe even more awareness will help solve this problem. “The problem is not the bullying, I feel like it is the awareness. Another problem is that they [students] don’t care, which I think is major.” Ally Hawkins reveals.

There are different types of physical bullying: “…in my hallway, B wing, sometimes there’s pushing, shoving, calling bad names, bad words at each other…” Victoria Tan shares. This happens often, almost every day.