Local Dance Studio Reviews

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Local Dance Studio Reviews

Makaila Barker and Molly Baker

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Dance is all about feeling like you belong at your studio. Dance is all about what each studio can offer you. The studios Michigan Dance Alliance (MDA), Joanne’s dance extension, Central City and The Dance Connection are all great studios in the area. You may be wondering how are you treated?  What are some of the classes at your studio or that you can take? Where are these studios located? We are here to review the studios to save you some time!

Michigan Dance Alliance (MDA)

8th grader Savanna who dances at Michigan dance Alliance told us, “I am treated good and I love it there.” Michigan Dance Alliance also has a competitive team. The classes they teach there are technique, ballet, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip hop, tap,  we have like improv classes, combo classes, stretch classes. Michigan Dance Alliance is a very good studio and has a lot to offer. MDA is located at 8000 Sheldon Center Road in Canton.

Joanne’s Dance Extension

7th grade Isabella Mayes told us a little about  Joanne’s Dance Extension, “Usually, I’m left out because I’m one of the only kids that not on the competition team anymore.” Joanne’s dance extension also have a competitive team. They seem like a good studio if you would like to join a competitive team.  Some of the classes they have are ballet and jazz. Joanne’s is located at 42020 Koppernick Road, Suite #200,  in Canton.

Central City Dance

7th grader Frances Walewski  dances at Central City Dance and told us, “I’m treated great.” Frances loves seeing all of her friends at the studio. Central City is one of the more popular studios in the area. Some classes they teach there are lyrical, ballet tap and jazz are only some classes at this studio. This studio would be an amazing studio for anyone working on technique. Central City Dance is located at 6700 North Canton Center Road in Canton.

The Dance Connection

7th grader Emma Patrick dances at The Dance Connection. Emma stated,  “ I’m treated great. [The Dance Connection] is really enjoyable and a fun environment.” Her favorite class is lyrical because she loves the songs and she thinks the dances are really pretty. The studio offers tap, jazz, musical theater, lyrical, um hip hop, and ballet classes. The Dance Connection is located at 1672 S Lilley Road in Canton.