Seeing Double? Life of Twins


Lessa and Ivy Gharaibeh are twins and 7th grade students at West Middle School.

Lessa Gharaibeh, Reporter

Twins. Most of you have twin siblings in your grade at West. There are nine pairs of twins at West: The Cahills, the Gharaibehs, the Damianis, the Hawkins, the Knauffs, the Gardners, the Noes, the Aquilino’s, and the Grady’s. Growing up with a twin is not easy. Just because you are twin does not mean you are best friends.

People might believe that having a twin is fun or even want to be a twin themselves. However, according to J.J. Gardner, seventh grader, “Having a twin is fun, but annoying…”

Kids think ‘Oh, we would be able to fool everyone if we looked alike and dressed the same!’ THAT, dear viewer, is where you are wrong. Ally Hawkins, a third 7th grader, reports about what her and her twin Abby Hawkins fight about, “Everything, from ‘Get your butt out of my room’ to ‘OMG you’re stealing my friends?’. All sorts of fun stuff!”

As for dressing the same, most twins refuse to have the same style. “Absolutely not. She’ll wear snakeskin pants and I’ll wear my sweatshirts and jeans, thank you very much.” Ivy Gharaibeh, also 7th grader, spits out.

All in all, twins are fun to hang out with, but they have different views about life and each other. They stick together if they aren’t fighting. “ Try not to fight, at least not in public…” Lydia and Carly Cahill agree.