Fox Hills Golf Course in Plymouth is on Par and Here’s Why…

West Middle Schools Mascot

West Middle Schools Mascot

Will Amos and Dillon Calhoun

Playing on a good golf course while golfing is very important. There are many things to look for in a good golf course. Good management at a golf course is about making the game not just a sport but an “experience”. This can be really challenging to do.  We are here to compare the two popular Plymouth courses, Hilltop and Fox Hills.

One of the biggest things to look for is how the golf course is run. If the golf course is run down this can result in bad golfing due to the course. If the grass is missing in key places, including the greens and other places including the fairway and around the green, it hinders the play.

Jack Kroll, West eighth-grader and frequent golfer, states, “Hilltop is way overpriced. You pay $15-20 for 9 holes. Compared to Fox Hills, which is only about 10-12 dollars for 9 holes.” Price is important. If a golf course is very expensive there’s no point in going to it. However, if the price is really cheap and the course is terrible, then it might be worth it to spend more money.

Hilltop does have a $200 membership that allows unlimited golfing for the summer.

However, Tyler Aquilino thinks that Hilltop needs to “grow the grass brothers”. Tyler is referring to the bad shape of the greens at Hilltop. Greens are very important when it comes to golfing. The greens can impact the ball rolling, which can really change the game. Because Of this golfers tend to like slow greens.

Unlike Hilltops, ” Fox Hill’s greens have nice speed and are maintained well,” stated by Jack Kroll (West eighth-grader). They also have a good cover of grass and are very nice. Fox Hills has a driving range for golfers and putting greens. Fox Hills is much bigger and has banquet facilities. There are three courses with 63 holes, whereas Hilltop only has one course and 18 holes.

If you’re looking for a great golfing experience that is worth the money, then chose Fox Hills.